Why going mobile matters

Today having a mobile-friendly website is very important to your business.
Here are some statistics you may not be aware of:
  • An impressive 89% shops online
  • 79% of mobile phones are used for shopping
  • 28% of businesses don't have a website!
  • Only the 24% of websites are optimized for mobile

(Statistics by YellowPages, 2016)

  • Mobile digital media time in the US is now significantly higher at 51% compared to desktop (42%).

Another good reason: one year ago, Google announced that mobile users will now see a “mobile-friendly” label next to websites on search results pages that meet their requirements for a mobile site. This change means that websites that meet Google’s benchmarks for a mobile-friendly site will be more likely to turn up in a mobile search.
If you’re curious whether or not your website meets these criteria, Google has a mobile-friendly test that lets you know whether or not your website will get the label.
Is YOUR website mobile-friendly?
Can your customers call, email you or find your location with just one click of their thumbs?
Is your content easy to read and concise or does it leads to pinching and zooming?
Facile Web&Graphic offers mobile-only and responsive website design; what's the difference?  
  • A responsive website will automatically adapt to the different devices (laptops, tablets, cellphones). One website works well on all the devices!
    Example: McInnes & Associates Ltd.
  • A mobile-only website is a mobile version of your current website, that will be visible on cellphones and that won't interfere with your existing website.
    Example: The Purple Starfish B&B website - Check it out from your laptop AND from your cellphone! 
I will be happy to show you how your own website would look like if it was mobile-friendly designed.
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